Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shoulder-ing More Training

This week was one of my best weeks yet.

I do have some bad news. My shoulder (while being "ahead of schedule") is still not 100%. I swam 2,050 on Tuesday. I thought it was fine. Wishful thinking. On Wednesday I could feel my shoulder aching and moving a little as I swam 1,000. Nuts. I'll give it another two weeks and go back to kicking in the pool.

The good news is that my cycling and more importantly running will get more time. I am keeping all of the heart rates down in true "Mark Allen zones". The good news is that I am able to ride at my FTP and still be in the right heart rate zone.

Lastly, I am doing an "extreme home makeover" on my diet. I'm going radical. No, I'm not on Atkins or South Beach. I'm working with a USOC nutritionist who I am friends with. I'll keep you posted as to the results. If it works out as planned, we should see the difference in April.

Time to ice up the shoulder after workout.

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