Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home From Kona

Sorry to be away so long. Lots has been happening. Marshaling, a new day job, building a website, starting Kokua Multisports, LLC (legal and accounting stuff), a bike crash. As we joke at home, "other than that, nothing is really happening".

Kona was a great learning experience as always. Nothing like seeing the world's fittest people up close and in person to get a feel for what is happening in triathlon, cycling and running. This year I would add swimming as well.

I won't be giving you the "dish" on what happened behind the scenes as that needs to remain behind the scenes. 2009 brought about the explosion of Facebook, Twitter and rules for those closely involved with events like Ironman and USA Triathlon. I respect that. I hope you understand. We can still talk about rules and happenings in our sport; I just cannot address specifics about races.

The most important thing I saw in Kona was the second confirmation that you CAN race hard and clean at the front of any field if the athletes choose to. I am happy to report I saw a lot of clean racing and sportsmanship.

More later...

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