Friday, July 31, 2009

Timing the Attack

The Thursday night ride has grown significantly over the last three years. What was a small group of 20-30 triathletes and a handful of road cyclists is now 65 to 85 athletes in about a 50:50 mix.

Last night was fun! A few of the pro cyclists were out for a few of the "easy" laps. Once they peeled off it was "game on" for the rest of us. I like to sit about 2/3 of the way back and blast past the group as a whole. Sometimes I get caught, other times I'm able to stay away. Not unlike any break in the TdF.

The pace was picking up. Just before critical mass, I went. A full on attack of the group with a 100% effort for about a full 90 seconds. I didn't look back until I was nearly at the end (about 30 seconds later) and I still had a 200 yard gap. Success!

Once "complete" I finished the workout doing my own thing riding at 74% effort. This allows me to stay out of the bunch sprints when guys are failing.


  1. Hey Bob, are you doing Pleasant Prairie this Sunday?

  2. No, I've decided to do more training and stay at home.

  3. Bummer. Saw it on schedule. Would have been good to see you out there.