Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ride with the Pros - Tour of Elk Grove

Tomorrow the Tour of Elk Grove officially starts, but for amateur cyclists and triathletes it starts tonight at 6pm departing from Village CycleSport in Elk Grove.

Not an event, but an "easy ride" with the pro cyclists. Our intervals... pro cyclists easy ride.

Think you're a good rider? Come out and play tonight.

Two years ago the pro guys (who I was able to ride with on their "easy" ride - my heart rate was in the 150s to their 130s) told me to "lead them out" as they were going to "work" this sprint. Wanting to contribute I went to the front and pegged my heart rate at 195 at 30 something mph for 1.2 miles. At the end of the interval one pro pulled next to me and instead of "winning" the sprint he sat up and started cheering me. "Good effort! Come on! Finish this one hard!" All while riding next to me. His teammate from Belgium pulled next to me and snapped a picture of us.

It was a humbling experience for sure. I did hang with them, but I was working (and on some intervals - drilling) the interval efforts and they were "aerobic" pace. Back at the shop, I got a handshake and a "well done mate" which is good enough for this amateur athlete right now.

Come out and be humbled.


  1. Are you racing the 5's this weekend?

    You really need to get down to Soldier Field, Bob - they've split the 4/5 into two heats of 50 riders each now.

  2. bob, whats so hard about maintaining 195 for 1.2miles? ;)

  3. Erik - I cannot make it due to work. I am still trying to get myself into the TT tomorrow.

    Bird - it wasn't so bad but it hurt me more than the guys.