Friday, June 19, 2009

A Weekend of Workouts: Good Luck to Those Racing

Ahead is a lot of conditioning for me. I enjoy the time in the saddle and in the pool. Due to job concerns, I haven't done as much as I should but everyone handles extreme stress differently. Since starting back on my program and improving my diet (or switching my diet) I'm feeling more like myself. As we used to say after hard workouts in age group swimming, "Let's call it another day." Meaning, I did all I could today. Slept right. Ate right. Worked out. Bring on tomorrow.

As I said to my friend John today in the pool, "It's on." I find that trying to motivate him (and a few others) is motivating me. I actually get a "bump" from it mentally.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend. Safe, fun and fast racing to you all.

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