Friday, June 26, 2009

Silent Start to Thursday Night Intervals

Wake services are tough.  They are a whole lot tougher when they guy in the wake is a 28 year old friend who died tragically.  Thursday afternoon was a parade of cycling and triathlon folks mixed with family.  The family was thankful for the support of their customers, employees, bike companies, suppliers and competition.  

Thursday night intervals had a different tone.  Those of us who have been with Village for a long time took control of the group last night before the ride.  We chose to honor Jason and his family by observing a cycling tradition of the silent lap.

We rode out to the shop as one group to the interval grounds.  Once there we formed a large group of 85 riders and for two laps nobody said a word.  It was a peaceful ride.  All you could hear was the buzz of various groupos.  Many of the folks went on to say it was very therapeutic.

A fitting salute to a fallen soul.


  1. Hey Bob, is that your Litespeed Blade with the 650 Spinergy's and all the Ironman stickers on it sitting at Village? Can't you get the stickers off? :)

  2. No, that is Theresa Rouse's bike. I have no race stickers on my bike. Those come off immediately after the race.