Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Job Offers (Finally)

After being unemployed since Friday, February 13th of this year I have my first job offer(s). This after applying to at least 3,500 jobs from Hong Kong to Sydney to Argentina to Western Europe, Mexico, all the provinces of Canada and every one of the 50 United States. I have 932 "don't call us, we'll call you" letters; 95 of which are from WellPoint my former employer who assured me that I would be "considered for all open job needs first" before internal transfers. At least 932 companies thought enough to send a "no thanks" letter, over 2/3rds didn't even bother a courtesy of a "no thanks". So many companies thirst for good people and there are a lot out there, I think that the application process is what is killing the effort.

Competition in the job market remains insanely tough. Companies are very picky. Just last week I was a match for a job on 11 of 12 items. The 12th I had done, but about five years ago which got me bounced from consideration. Just Monday I was at a job fair where I stood in line to talk to Westinghouse for 90 minutes. Former Motorola project managers and engineers still litter the job market of Chicago. It makes me wonder how long Motorola has as a former once great organization. The property they sit on in Schaumburg, IL is worth a fortune alone.

My (in)human resources friends want to know why I scoff at the notion of HR people. I know a few who are alright, but as a whole I'm not impressed. Sorry, its kinda like lawyers. I know some great lawyers, but many ambulance chasers and politicians who ruin their name. Same can be said for my expertise as a project manager. For every good PM, there are 40 who couldn't manage their way out of a bright room with directions, a map and a compass. It all depends on the people.

So... decision time.

Offer one: a NYC and London based consulting company who is very close to Microsoft. I really like everyone I've met at this firm. Work would be out of the Chicago office. Offer is solid.

Offer two: an LA based media/Internet company who is a household word. Offer is cool for sure, but I'd have to move to LA.

Offer three: a Chicago based retail store and drug supplier. Not sure if they will get it together in time to compete but at least they actually liked me. That is very good.

Off to run in the heat and think about the future.

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  1. Congrats on the offers!

    Don't move to LA ... the laidback attitude drives Type-As like us nuts. I practically *ran* from LA after living there for a year. Love to visit, hate to live there.

    From the way you worded the three descriptions, it sounds like the first one wins.