Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bob and the Magic Rain Cape

A year ago my beautiful wife bought me a great present. A Sugoi rain cape.


$120 sounds a bit steep for a jacket, until you put this on and wear it in a cold, hard rain at 25 mph.

a) The piping has a back up seem and water doesn't get through.
b) There are reflective accents to this jacket on the front and the sides.
c) It is light but tough (like a lot of female triathletes I know).
d) The zipper is tough and the jacket can easily be put on at 25 mph.
e) The jacket has two places where body heat can escape without letting water in so you don't over heat.

Something this jacket doesn't advertise is that it holds off the rain. I know. I know. Hard to believe? Not really. After interviewing for six hours yesterday, I needed to lift and swim. So naturally I rode my bike. My Lynskey R420. My kickass, razors edge of technology, titanium road bike. It was 84 F and sunny. Why not? As Lorrie can attest to, I get lost in the gym for hours. Swim, run, bike, lift, run again, abs. I come out of the gym and it is raining a little. Not bad. Then I look at a group huddled around the TV in the lobby. It is on the radar glowing red. I hear one guy say, "I'm glad I'm not riding home." This is when he points to my bike and says, "I wonder if this Mitera guywill make it?"

Enter the Magic Rain Cape. Multiple rides I've pulled out the MRC and it did not rain. Entire radars filled with rain, did not come down when the MRC was on.

15 miles to home. Heavy rain and strong winds about to start. It's dark and I'm wearing sun glasses. Hit it! MRC is on and I'm off like a dirty shirt. After three minutes of easy pedaling (because I couldn't really feel my legs from lifting) I started to up the wattage. Lightning went across the sky spidering like a horror movie with a wind gust that bent the trees to 30% of horizontal. Just then, my power output went from 212 to 403. I was flying. I didn't see the numbers until home, but somewhere along the way I hit 683 watts for about 29 seconds. Lorrie was waiting for me at the house and had the garage open. I kid you not that as I flew down my street the rain followed about 15 feet behind me. A blinding, soaking rain. A white out rain. I bunny hop the curb and transition to running in the best form ever executed by me. In the garage, and rain is pouring down right behind me. "SAFE! WOO-HOO, what a ride!" I screamed.

I cleaned up my Lynskey and gently wiped down my rain cape. My magic rain cape.

**Your rain results may vary. Strong quads and power numbers are from a lifetime of hard workouts.

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