Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time to Race

Alright, ready or not its go time.


I haven't been able to swim for 14 days. I have done some swim bench which is just fine. I'm swimming today. Easy tomorrow swim Friday and Saturday. I think I'll be between 35 and 38. I'm just going to cruise the swim at a comfortably aerobic pace.

I'm not sure what to expect. I feel good when I ride. I'm not in top shape for the bike. My coach would like me "under 2:50", but my goal is to be under 2:45. My best on this course was 2:38:10 in perfect conditions and a 2:54 last year in a blinding rain storm and a flat tire at the worst possible time. I was in a groove (finally) and passing people. I had older tires on my race wheels and I caught an edge of a ramp. Flat tire. I just about had it changed when race support showed up. The guy was cool. In the rain, I had stabbed myself on the cogset and blood was all over my legs and hand. Looked worse than it was.

My weight is still too high. I have leveled off at 201 lbs. since returning from California. I can't change it. My goal is to run the entire run. Sound easy? Well, it is going to be HOT down there. That will be tough. No time goal other than to beat my time from last year by 1 hour. I did the half marathon in 3:18 last year. HA! I shouldn't have even started the "run" but I did. My long run going in was 3 miles. This year I have one 13 mile run and several 6, 7 and 8 mile runs with several 3, 4, 5 milers. It will be interesting to see what happens after 7 or 8 miles in that incinerator like heat and humidity.

So if I'm around 5:36 to 5:50, I'm cool. On a positive side, I'm racing 40+ and Clydesdale. The goal is top 15 in that race division. I think that can be done.

Talk to you next Wednesday night with a race report.

Safe training and racing.

RIP Uncle Bob in Minneapolis! Love you and Aunt Phyllis - Love, Bobby

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