Monday, May 11, 2009

Pre-Race Prep

Race week is here. So is the heat and humidity. I love tough conditions, but have to admit that "racing" while returning from being injured and lazy is more of "participation" if I may borrow a word from Jerome Harrison. Participation is more realistic. Even though Jerome "only participated" in California, don't look for any time near his for me this coming Sunday.

As I am still unemployed, and this could be a long time "on the bench", I told Lorrie that i won't race outside the area again this summer unless I get work. So, at risk, my 2009 goal of racing at USAT Nationals in Alabama among other races. This changes the perspective for this weekend's race. I'm going to enjoy it and just have some fun. Race as hard as this body will allow and not worry about what happens. I'll be the guy smiling pre-race, during the race and post race.

This was something I noticed at several races I have marshaled. People don't look happy except for two - Chrissie Wellington and Natasha Badmann. I'm not saying I will have the same results, but at least I'll be pleasant to other racers and volunteers.

The new tubulars are stretching right now! To be glued tonight. BTW - get a 700c bike as soon as possible. NOBODY has 650c anything around here and to top it off the shop screwed up my order of tires. So I have, Zipp 404s and a disc wheel in 650c that I am having a hard time getting tires to race on.

Who cares? Maybe I'll go old school and ride my training wheels the 10 year old Velocity Deep Vs and race in a Speedo. Well, maybe not, for all of us babe.

PS: This weekend I got to spend time with a lot of friends in Chicago; John, Renee, Jack, Brad, Joanne, Bill, Cassie, Katey, Ellen, John - You guys really are the coolest.

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