Thursday, April 9, 2009

Training Camp By the Numbers and Lessons Learned

Swimming: ~10 hours (9.75 hours) and roughly 30,000 meters

Running: ~14 hours (13.85 hours)  I have no idea of how far we went.  (I'm not a GPS wearin' guy.)  I do know that we ran up as much as we ran.

Cycling: "The big winner" 24 hours, 46 minutes, 23 seconds (approximately) and 348.6 miles.  This explains the burning sensation in my legs on Thursday after we left California on Sunday.  Same insane climbing numbers here too.

In the future, I would swim first as a great way to warm up the body after a night of slumber, then run, then bike on most days with transition runs on the long rides.  So a day would be something like swim, run (short), bike, run.

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