Monday, April 13, 2009

Quieting the Head

The worst athletic hindrance is between the athlete's own ears.  Watching the Masters golf tournament, it was evident that triathlon isn't the only place it happens.  

In the golf yesterday we saw San Diego's own Phil Mickelson tie a record with a 30 on the front 9 only to have the "yips" on the back nine and fail to catch the leaders.  Don't get me wrong, he did far better than I would have as my best 18 holes is 83 - but I golf three times every three years.  Good weather or not.  I like the game.  I just don't have time.   

Tiger Woods was hitting magical shots only to miss read putts on the notoriously tough Augusta greens.  Greens that he has read flawlessly before.  

In triathlon the hardest part is getting out the door.  Once out the door, if you have the guidance of a good coach, then the difference is made in what you actually do.

Quiet the talk in your head.  Just focus on what you are doing and have practiced.  The rest doesn't matter.


  1. how does phil have the "yips", yet tiger "misreads"? :)

    phil hit some pretty magical shots himself.

  2. Phil has a reputation for playing with one hand on his throat during final rounds of golf. Tiger is clearly knocking the rust off still from his injury. He didn't look ready to compete in the Masters.

    Phil does pull off some amazing shots. As a left handed golfer, I was able to tell him to his face in San Diego when I did hill repeats past his house.

    Phil remains his own worst enemy on the golf course because he clearly can match Tiger. Phil beat Tiger soundly yesterday.