Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Going from Uncertified to a USAT Certified Coach

In my haze of 17 hour days looking for work before my savings account runs out and I lose my home something marvelous has happened.  As some of you know, I started coaching at the urging of Troy Jacobson in November of 2001.  My athletes have qualified and PR'd in Kona, nearly qualified for the Olympics, and rocked marathons from South Africa to Tokyo to Boston to London, Berlin and Chicago.  I have coached two long course duathlon national champions.  The biggest miracle happened last week.

I didn't announce anything on my blog because I was waiting for the email saying that I was "out" that normally comes a week after I sign up.  I'm getting my USAT coaching certification in July in Minnesota.  Why is this a big deal?

Every class I've signed up for follows with an email that says, "You are no longer enrolled in the class." No email yet.

Do I need a certification to coach?  No, but it helps with clients.  My plan is to build my coaching business to what it was in 2001.  I had a group of 24 athletes I coached and was working full time.  As folks accomplished their goals they became "self coached" only to return at different times.  Now...I'm rebuilding the group.  

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