Monday, April 27, 2009

Cyclists Ambushed with Wall of Flames & Violence Against Cyclists

As villages like Barrington Hills , IL further restrict cycling on public roads how long before we see this in the state?
Cyclists ambushed with wall of flames

"STEVE Athey was leading a pack of 16 cyclists on a training ride when a wall of flame suddenly burst in front of him. Unable to take evasive action, he rode through the head-high flames. The 15 riders behind him braked, swerved, skidded and did everything they could to miss the inferno. It was a miracle no-one was seriously hurt. Police believe the flames were deliberately lit by young men who had earlier harassed the group of cyclists and who had used a beer can to pour flammable liquid on the bitumen as the riders approached them." To read the rest of the story, use the copy the link below:


  1. It is getting SO bad in S. Barrington - absolutely ridiculous! UGH.

  2. I haven't had any problems in South Barrington or Barrington. Barrington Hills I've been run off the road by a 50 something woman in a Mercedes and harassed by the police (watching to see if I stopped at a stop sign and put a foot down). I do that at every corner there anyway because people drive like idiots. If you are riding out this way come to the Marina or to Cary and ride north into McHenry. I have two routes that never cross a busy street and have rolling to moderate hills.