Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Absorbing Training Camp

This rest is killing me.

As an "older athlete" I understand the need for rest.  Trust me...I'm good at resting.  I am also a product of the training style of the 1980s and 1990s which screams "OVER TRAINING".  I am happiest beaten into the ground and dragging my tail everywhere to workout even more.

My workouts this week are laughable.  I'm hooped up on motivation to train and I am under orders to "absorb" my training from the last two weeks.  I understand, however, I would rather drill it. 

So here I sit...blogging, setting up work and "self employed" stuff I can do from any city.  I continue to follow up with recruiters but honestly...I think I'm getting picky about which corporations I may join.  My standards have been raised.  I'm looking for innovation, taking care of employees (loyalty is a two way street) and fun (I'll spend most of my life working.  Shouldn't I love it?)

Here's to recovery and no more coffee today...

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