Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Turning Lemons into Lemonade with Help from Apple

Several days ago I was roasted on a spit by Apple.  I was the last interview of the day which featured ~8,000 ex-Motorola engineers looking for software work.  The recruiter wanted to get out of there and to be honest so did I.  I had waited "only" four hours for my interview.  Scheduled for 4:00 PM which started promptly at 8:36 PM.  Competition was fierce.  Everyone had great academic credentials but I noticed that many had not been particularly successful in the real world.  Interesting.

The tough lesson of that day was to prepare for an interview regardless of what it is "supposed" to be.  To fight for every last bit of knowledge about the company in a multi-faceted way.  

Enter in "dream company".

I know more about their "customer experience" and products than many.  I even attended a management conference they hosted at a local junior college.  I took those skills and applied them in several companies successfully.

Yesterday morning I went online as I do most days to look for contract work or full time employment.  I hit an "alumni" site of a company I once worked for an found a dream job.  An email and several phone calls later, I have two interviews.  I'm a perfect fit (my words and in my own mind).  Now I need to convince this organization that I am the guy for them.  

...and the irony is that the over the top comments by an arrogant Apple computer recruiter may have put me on the path to get in this role.  The role of a lifetime.

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