Monday, March 30, 2009

Training Camp Day Six

Wow, we are smoked. 26 hours of training in 5 days will do that.

Today's morning swim was cut short because everyone was exhausted and the main workout is the 3+ hour ride later in Temecula's "rolling" hills. I suppose the warm water and nice sunrise didn't help either. Everyone is tired.

Yesterday, we rode to the base of Mt. Palomar and then back. Roughly 4000 feet of climbing in 40 miles. As I am carrying 50 lbs. more than everyone else up these climbs, I turned around 10 minutes early and rode to try and beat the guys back to the base of the Lake Wolford climb. I did! I started it and got about 15 minutes into the climb before I saw the guys bombing down the hill. I then talked the guys into going back up the hill once more. The climb is about 23 minutes long and at the end of a 3:45 minute ride...long enough.

We went for a run afterwards before heading back to the coast where the sun had disappeared in the marine layer.

You know you've climbed a lot when:
1) you don't have enough in your legs to clip into your pedals
2) you are above the marine layer when you decide it is time to head back
3) your ears pop several times on a descent
4) the ecology changes on your climb

Saturday we saw more people out riding, running, swimming, walking than on any one day (or entire weekend) in Chicago. Simply amazing.

Also Saturday, some folks were arriving for the California 70.3 which is next Saturday. So as we rode on our easy ride we had folks in aerohelmets and disc wheels racing us on every stoplight. We all just kinda laughed. We had one gal who we'd catch on every hill or when the wind blew and then at the stoplights she would sprint away. There is a lot of "ego riding" out here. Kinda funny as I just stayed true to the plan, heart rate and power. I've seen several gals who I think were pro triathlete chicks but I was more concerned with what I was doing to really pay attention.

I am looking forward to seeing Marit, Chad, Beth, Jen and Jerome later this week. Interviews have gone well. One at Disney and another at Medtronic...and now Baxter.

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  1. Nice job with the workouts and climbing - that's GREAT! Lake Wholford is a fun "little" hill - ha ha. Same with Valley View. :) Sorry that things have been so crazy - my Mom is in town and it's really thrown my schedule out of whack! Post-race plans???

    PS - I TOTALLY hear you on the ego thing. Yeah, one of the major drawbacks of San Diego. Not so fun - but you guys are really smart to stick with the power, hr, and workouts! Yea!