Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Training Camp Day One

Greetings from Solana Beach, CA!

I've got a bit of a head cold with some nasty sinus drainage but I'm "training through". Going to sleep long tonight after a HUGE bowl of chicken soup tonight at Especial de Norte in Encinitas.

We climbed about 3,800 feet today over 50 miles one hill was 12% for three miles according to the map - warning trucks to avoid the area or prepare to go slowly. 3:48 in the saddle. It started out "cold" at 39 F but in no time at all it was 70 F with a clear sky and beautiful sun. As I had an interview at 3:00 PM with a large entertainment, resort and theme park company. So at 90 minutes into the ride I turned around and then road an extra hour back to Solana Beach. I climbed two of the hills that were in the last stage of the Tour of California. Beautiful and also painful. I was going about 10 mph at a 165 heart rate. The boys of the pro peleton took that hill at close to 22 mph at the same heart rate. OK, so I'm not going pro anytime this year. I was happy with how I stabilized my heart rate and kept moving forward at a descent clip - at least until a guy in an American pro cycling kit cruised past me on the hardest part of the climb saying "hello" and a comment about the climb.

We have been laughing if we haven't been working out. I have a stack of hooker cards from Las Vegas and I put some of them in Dean and Russ's bathroom in the condo. I also put them all over their bed. Most importantly, as Dean has been dragging all of us up all the big mountains and hills; I put one on his saddle bag so while we are looking at Dean's backside we at least get to see a hot chick. Dean noticed the hooker on his saddle about 3 hours into the ride as I had placed it there in a stealth mode.

Tonight, we swam 2,000 yards with some of the tricks we learned from Spencer Smith (at the camp he did with Jen and Jerome) and did abs. Dean wanted to do "Buns of Steel" and I had suggested we do a spin class after swimming but there were no takers. We were going to do "Yoga for Athletes" but none of us is feeling athletic right now so we are going to bed.

Tomorrow - Intervals - Run intervals up Torrey Pines. Then bike intervals up Camino de Real in Rancho Sante Fe (past Phil Mickelsen's house - on the market for $14M by the way) and another "easy" swim.

Pictures tomorrow.

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  1. HA!!!! SO glad you are having so much fun. LOVE the hooker cards on Dean's bed and his bike bag. I bet he loved that! :)) SOOO FUNNNN! Jealous as we got hammered with snow last night (as you know). Train safe!