Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Roasted by Apple

I interviewed for a gig with Apple computer yesterday.  After the interview this is what I looked like.

I found out about the Chicago interviews at 1:00 PM by chance.  I made it there later in the day.  I waited a long time to speak with a recruiter.  Every technology job opening is being pursued by the 18,000 people Motorola put on the street around here.  Asian, Black, Latino and White - we all waited and talked about ideas to find new work.  Three hours later the interview started.  I was the last interview.  

I handled the BDI interview questions fine.  I was able to speak about what I do well with Obama-like rhetoric backed with metrics and results.  Then it got hot in the room as grill was turned on.

Admittedly, I was not prepared.  I didn't know the business model, vision, does Apple use focus groups; nothing.  The recruiter hit me with all she had.  Game over.  Thanks for playing.  

I did learn a few things about preparing for interviews so it wasn't a total loss of five hours of my time.  Let's hope this helps for the next interview.

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