Thursday, March 12, 2009

Make Your Own Breaks

When you leave races and the gym you see and hear interesting things.  One of the things I heard the other day was that a friend of mine (who races very well) was described as "lucky".  It is unlikely that they knew I am friends with him.  The conversation went something like this.

"He is so lucky.  He lives in (western state)."

OK...what does state have to do with luck?

"He has really good genes.  You know, that is why he is so fast."

Maybe, however, I know that his dad had some serious heath issues at a young age so it probably isn't that either.

"Everything comes easy for him.  He races so well.  He's just a machine."

Actually...I've shared a few hotel rooms with him.  He is most certainly not a machine.  Doesn't wake up easily and sleeps like a log.  I've seen him after a 25 hour workout week; not a machine.

My point is simply hard work and opportunity make "breaks" for you and yours more often than not.  Success is never easy but it beats the alternative.  A successful college football coach once told me, "Championships are won when the band isn't playing and the TV lights aren't on."

Applying this to job searches.  I am connecting with old friends and colleagues.  Cranking out email and resumes...and making my own breaks.  Same goes for triathlon this year.  This last month of being "off" I have been working out about 4.5 hours a day.  Even Linda from Gatorade made a comment last night, "Bob, you've really lost some weight over the last few months."  I joked that I'm trying to get down to my original weight of seven pounds and change and we laughed.  I appreciate the feedback as I am working hard...on everything.

I'm innovating in my life and seeing positive change.  Imagine what could happen if others did the same?  We could land someone on the moon.  Again.

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  1. Regarding your overheard conversation -- people are more creative than they give themselves credit for. They can generate a million reasons why someone else is doing the things they wish they could do.