Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lynskey's New Triathlon Ride - T230

What if I said you can get yourself onto a top of the line triathlon bike which was designed by some of the brightest minds in cycling and triathlon?  What if I told you that you can get this bike which was engineered by the pioneering geometry done by Dan Empfield.  This puts the rider in a position that allows optimum power output while being in an aggressive aero position; also while providing great stability and superior balance.  

Using a titanium and aluminum 3al-2.5v tubing  you get power transfer, aero-dynamics, durability (sorely laking in all carbon bikes) and comfort.  Now throw in an Alpha Q aero carbon fork and a Cane Creek headset and what would you pay?  How about $1,995?

I get your ear?  

I am the proud owner of a Lynskey Performance R420 - house blend, medium frame road bike.  This bike is exceptional.  Can you imagine a triathlon bike like this?  How about at this price?

The Lynskey's make great bikes right here in the USA in Tennessee.  

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