Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Don't Get Cocky Ace

Since entering "transition" (aka: getting layed off 2/13) I've been working 10 hours a day trying to find a new gig.  This leaves me 14 hours a day to sleep, eat and workout.  I've been able to workout a bit more.  Interviewing is a bit depressing.  A lot of recruiters are 20 somethings with little to no knowledge of what they are recruiting for.  I had an interview (a phone screen) where the HR person didn't know what SAP was and kept referring to the software as sap - like tree sap.  Not quite the same kiddo.  So a company has entrusted it's talent acquisition to someone who has no idea what the technology is.  Great.  Four companies where I've made the final two candidates - the companies have pulled the jobs off the market because the market is so awful.  Sigh.  My own former company has 40 Director and Sr. PM roles but my former leadership colleagues aren't sure if they should bring me back.  I'm a threat because of my experience and success. 

Innovation and lack there of in corporate America...we'll talk about that another blog entry.  (In short...don't give AIG or GM another dime.  Survival of the fittest = capitalism.)

On the positive side I've connected with a lot of former colleagues and have been submitted to several of their companies.  

Sunday I went to a make up class for the CompuTrainer classes I've been in since January.  Its the only thing keeping me focused to be honest.  This has been the coldest winter in 23 years in Chicago.  Sunday the riders I was with didn't have FTPs near mine so I decided to challenge myself and try to hold a higher cadence the entire class.  I held 100 to 105 for the entire two hours.  That plus hitting rpms up around 180 and power numbers in the low 500s on some of the intervals gave me a real positive vibe on my fitness.  Not so fast.

Today, I got the smack down today.  

Today, because of the additional volume, fatigue I was digging deep.  At times I was struggling to hold 90 rpms and 250 watts.  I was able to pull it together and get into a zone but it hurt a lot.  It was a great effort but not great numbers in the form of power and sustained endurance. Linda, Sylvia and the guys kept me focused and working hard.  I really like working out with them and my rapid improvement is testament to the routine.

Another positive, I swam a full 1650 (1700 actually) and swimming is coming back.  My shoulder is responding to treatment and some changes in my freestyle.  I'm hoping to get some more 1700s later this week and string them together.  If I can first repeat 1700 yards multiple days in a row with a heavy workload then I'll increase the yards.

In other words, keep working.  Bring the lunch pail and go to work every day.  As Greg LeMond said, "It never gets easier.  You just get faster."


  1. Sorry about the work and job situation - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! You are extremely talented and would offer any number of companies a lot. It'll work out - I'm convinced! Just keep on doing what you're doing... like with the training! Nice numbers!! Yea!!! Can't wait to see you soon - did you guys find a place to stay in North County???