Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cycle For ALS Results

Late I know...a month late.

I don't have a final number (as one cycle for ALS ride is going on today) in Austin, TX.

Thus far...~$60,000 raised (in a horrible economy) for ALS research and all of it will go to research...not a single penny to the organizers.  This is the largest one day total in the four year history of the event and was done without any full time employees of any ALS organization helping (or triathlon organization).  Everything was volunteer work.

I'm proud of the event.  I really am.  Where we have our struggles with greedy major ALS organizations whose motives I fully question and with some groups of people who seem to need their face in the paper or on the TV news....most people are here to help.  That feels good.

To my high school friend Steve (who is not working due to a lay off) who donated $200.  You are one of the lights that make this world brighter.  Funny thing..several people who were not working at all were some of our biggest donors while some who work and make a ton of cash donated $40.  People who were never involved told magazines and TV shows that they were.  Lastly, guys like my friend Nate who single handed rescued the Boulder, CO event when others wouldn't pick up the ball in a triathlon mecca with so many "friends" of Jon Blais.  (I hope I don't have any friends like those.  People who say one thing and do another.)  Actions speak significantly louder than words.

I really hope that the karma train makes a stop for everyone and their intentions. Good and reap what you sow.

Cheers to those who worked hard and raised a great deal of money!  Great job!

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