Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What a Day!

It was 48 F when I got up today at 4:00 AM. The last time it was that warm or warmer was when I was in Kona in OCTOBER. It feels like 78 F! Today, we expect temps in the mid-60s and 99% of all our snow is gone leaving dead, brown grass exposed to the sun. This means that it should start greening up if it holds up in about four weeks.

We went from October 20th to February 5th without a single day over 30 F. Crackie!

Could it be that this guy was wrong? Say it ain't so.

As for the rest of today's blog...Missouri beat Kansas last night, the weather is great, workouts are great. I will address stupid WellPoint talent acquisition rules (you're gonna love this one) and A-Rod another day.

It's way to nice out to be mean.

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