Friday, February 27, 2009

Returning to "Normalicy"

Hi!  Long time no see.  After the ride for ALS I got very sick with a sinus infection just this side of the plague.  Imagine your face hurting so badly that your vision was blurry, your teeth hurt and head was about to explode.  That was me for 21 days.  It appears that one person who was at the cycle for ALS event wanted to be there very badly and was really sick.  He got me sick and I'm a little upset that he didn't use better judgement since we had several ALS patients there.  For those folks, that is life and death.  I didn't eat for 4 days.  I didn't workout for 10 days.  I'm back on the mend.  My power numbers are coming back.

Speaking of the Cycle for ALS event - this year's event raised ~$60,000 (we are still waiting for a few checks).  This is the largest amount of money we've raised for research ever.  What is interesting is the response by the Les Turner Foundation.  We have repeatedly asked for help in organizing this event.  Remember, we have full time jobs, families, training, school, etc.  The response was "We'll see what you do this year and then decide if we'll take your idea."  Excuse me?  

Now that the event is successful it is amazing how many people say they are involved (who have never been involved or donated) or who said they are "riding for the War on ALS".  We've seen some of the worst side of human behavior as soon as the TV lights came on.  Disgusting.

Mixed in the middle of this was my layoff.  I've been spending 10-15 hours a day working on finding a new job.  For what I do, 90 days at one job is a long time (Consulting) - so at least I'm used to this but it sure isn't easy.

More later today.

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  1. Congrats on the money raised - that is the most important thing!