Sunday, February 8, 2009

Out takes from the 4th Annual Cycle for ALS Event

Quotes overheard during the day...

Bill Elwell - Bucket full of Crabs:
"Our friends are like a bucket full of crabs clawing to get out. Hey, that sounds like an album and band name." I break into, "Pick up the new CD by Bucket Full of Crabs - Clawing to Get Out - released Thursday."

"You need a thick skin to be a friend in this group of guys. You'll get called on basically everything."

Brad Ulman - Newton's 11th Law of Cookies:
Lorrie, Bob and Bill discussing the value of Fig Newtons and Bill's inability to eat only a few and put the rest away. "They get dried out." Brad chimes in with, "That's Newton's 11th have to eat them by the sleeve."

John Wolski and Bob (your's truly) - Guys we Swam Against:
"Matt Biondi had size 47 feet."

"Tom Jager had size 49 feet."

Preliminary money totals later this week. By the numbers:
1) 5,800 riders participated
2) Several Olympians who were in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics
3) 29 locations in the USA and Canada
4) Raised $19,887 - BEFORE WE STARTED the event. (We are still counting to get to the final total and you can still donate.)
5) During this event ~425 people died of ALS worldwide.

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