Friday, February 27, 2009

The Joy of Consistency

Being back into a routine and seeing power numbers coming back into the 240s and heart rates coming back down - ah!

Now for the stress - I'm starting to ramp up for training camp with Dean, Russ and a new guy Derek.  For Dean and I, this will be our third year training together.  Dean is always in tremendous shape even with a heavy workload, three children and a very, very understanding spouse in Paula.  I'm sure Dean works with Paula on some trade offs but it works.  Russ is a great young guy so I'll have to beat him up in the pool again in order to hang with him on the bike and run.  Derek adds another new young guy.  He has done 4 and 5 hour rides but hasn't done those rides every day for 8 days before and is an unknown quantity.  Derek will abuse all of us in running. 

I've been consistent and now will be adding a bit more volume.  

San Diego...I'm headed your way soon!

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  1. Oh good, Bob! I am glad you decided to go. You guys will have a great time!!! ENJOY