Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Body Type and Finding your Distance - ALS Fundraiser Update

I went to bed at 6:36 last night. Sick. Woke up at 1:30 AM and couldn't fall back asleep so I popped in the movie What it Takes about professional triathletes and how they prepared for the Ironman World Championship. One of the athletes in there is Peter Reid who I identify with on a few things but certainly not all. I won't ever look like Peter Reid. I'm just not that thin and I'm pretty sure I've stopped growing (up anyway). I never will be that thin. Peter's racing weight according to his own words in the movie What it Takes is 160 lbs.. My best weight as an adult was 157 in 2003. It would take a lot for me to "thin out". If I did, I'm sure I'd race a lot better in distance races. So for me to "make a run" at Ironman seriously - it would be several years of effort in order to compete. (Not unlike the road I am on currently.) I think I could probably get down to 138 - 143 but that is still nowhere near the thin as a rail thinness as Peter for my height.

My body type is more like the actor Daniel Craig (aka: 007); although his quads a a bit scrawny next to mine. My nicknames are some of these: "quadimodo", "quadasaurus rex", etc.. Although one of the gals I lift with (an Olympic bobsled pusher) has larger quads than I do. Flat out impressive explosive strength. (Megan - this picture is for you.)

I'm OK with being more like Mr. Craig. I have been thinking of how to maximize what I do have in order to race better. To use my explosive strength and power to my advantage. The trick is to get out of the gate fast enough to drop guys in my age group who are built more like Peter. This takes fitness and strength. I'm getting there.

In the meantime, understanding our body differences and advantages makes a difference in the grand scheme of racing.
On the ALS research fundraising effort - (ALS effects more endurance athletes than "normal" people in the population)
2009 Cycle for ALS - her is what we are doing...and how much we have so far.


For the fourth straight year The Blazeman Foundation for ALS is calling for a day of unity and encourages endurance athletes, cyclists, and volunteers of all athletic abilities to hop on bicycles Saturday Feb.7, 2009 at YMCA’s, gyms and communities across the country for the fourth annual "ALS Ride-A-Thon. Proceeds will benefit The Blazeman Foundation for ALS. You can make a donation to the general 2009 Cycle for ALS event from this page. Or you can choose to donate to a particular Cycle for ALS event, or individual participating in an event by searching above.

Total Donations: $14,667 Goal: $100,000

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