Monday, February 9, 2009

ALS Event Information and Photos

The Cycle for ALS event (had to change the name because Johnny G threatened to file a suit against us) is ALWAYS on the Saturday after the Super Bowl. You can ride indoors or out. The event raises money for ALS research.

Nothing but legs in motion for 9 hours. Our bikes this year had power meters, cadence, odometers and heart rate all on a flight deck - bars complete with aerobars. One engagement from our event this year. This is the second engagement to come out of our event from couples who met at the Cycle for ALS event.
"You are a warrior...when the cause is larger than the self." - Jon Blais
We are leaving the on-line donation board up for another month as some locations are having their event in March. Last call... you're either part of this or not. A binary decision. (A tax deducible, binary decision.)
When we started this event four years ago the goals were as follows:
1) Be inclusive. No "minimum" donation. No excluding anyone willing to fight ALS or learn about it to talk to others.
2) Raise awareness that ALS effects more active people than others and endurance athletes have a greater risk of ALS versus the general population.

3) Bring people together. Around Chicago...mid-February is dead. Everything is dead. Brown, gray, cold, miserable. We are going to have an event that is fun, pumps up people emotionally and gets people talking. About racing, training, ALS, families, warm weather - anything.

4) Ask for donations that go directly to the researchers. 110% of the money goes to research - why 110%? The organizers (us) pay for a lot of "little things" that all add up over time.

Here are the pictures from Saturday. We had Olympians, Tour de France riders, a band member from Pearl Jam, 80 year olds, 4 year olds and all points between. This year we also had several people claim to be a part of our event who were not. I guess they need the press. Sad. On the positive side, we had a lot of people show up who have been here all four years. We had people reconnect who I hadn't seen in 5 years. Can't wait to run with them soon!

In 2005, we started with one location. In 2009, we had 29 locations with two in Canada.
More photos...

We moved the temperature gauge up 12 degrees F in two hours. It was -7 on Tuesday here.

Bill and Brad...this comedy team was on fire all day. See last night's post...I'm laughing just typing about you guys.

Dave, Karen and baby boy! Our youngest rider - although, I'm fairly certain mom did all the work. Ladies...if you are racing Karen you are in deep sh*t. Don't say you weren't warned. Karen is gonna beat you like a drum with a smile on her face. Karen and Dave are the coolest.

These two SHOULD compete more. I saw their power numbers, cadence and heart rates.

The guys from my spin and triathlon class. Derek (on the right) has even dared to do a week of training with Dean, Russ and I.

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