Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Resumes, Interviews and Job Fairs - Oh My!

I went to a "diversity" job fair yesterday. My friend Ron said, "Have you looked in a mirror lately?" Point taken. What are they going to do throw me out? Well, I suppose they could for not being a certain minority. In Texas, Caucasian people are now a minority. I might need to move to Texas.

Don't get me wrong. I support giving everyone an opportunity. We all know for many years people were excluded because they were (fill in the blank here). That is bull crap. Skills get the job. Even potential gets the job.

At this job fair I stood in line for 50 minutes per company hiring. There I was; clean shaven, in a pressed suit and shined shoes. I was mad because Kinko's jacked up printing my resume. In front of me, a gang banger with the hat sideways, smelled of "smoke", in dirty clothing, no resume. I guess it isn't that bad. I left after two booths completely disgusted having wasted my time as "over qualified" rang through my head.

On the way home I got a call from a consulting company who I worked for in 2003 - 05 and they have a few gigs they will propose me for today. This is great news, but if I've learned anything in IT the last 18+ years is never stop the full court press on jobs. Worst case...you get the pick of the litter.

I'm looking at jobs in BIO TECH. Companies like AmGen, Genentech, Gilead; biologics firms and they all seem to be in central-ish to northern California. I'm down.

In the mean time, I'm taking out the stress on my workouts and "bonus" workouts (cross country skiing). This morning I was smashed on the bike. Legs had no pop (above 558 watts) I noticed that my rpms felt better holding 95 to 100 rpms. That is a good sign. We had great XC conditions on Sunday and Monday and four hours of XC ski will do anyone in.

Lastly, I hear there is some little thing going on in Washington, D.C. today. (Obama love is everywhere...geeze, my teeth hurt.) A year ago I said that Obama reminded me of JFK in his campaign because much of the criticism of JFK was, "Can we trust a Roman Catholic to run the country?" With Obama the discussion was, "Can we trust a guy with little experience to run the country?" If folks brought up the "race thing" they'd be labeled a racist. Look at the voting in the south...'nuff said. The JFK thing worked out just fine (for us) and the southern states voted the same way. I have a feeling Obama will do just fine and we might actually improve.

Bottom line:
If Obama can get people to believe in themselves and this great country again then he is the right leader.

Give me a cabinet of moderates, balanced thought, thinkers and open minds and I'll show you a great start. Good luck Mr. President. You have a tough gig ahead but as long as you believe in us, we'll believe in you. 8 AM tomorrow...please start "moving people's cheese" in Washington.


  1. LOL You made me smile with that last bit. Definitely on a high today, just from seeing how positive and hopeful people can be.

    I don't know if it still is, but back in the day when I hunted down biotech jobs, www.biospace.com was the site to look for them as well as research a lot of the companies. Relatively speaking, business is still banging in this industry, as people still need drugs and it's hard to find qualified employees.

  2. Thanks Molly! I'll take a look at the site. You may have a Blackhawks fan in California soon.