Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Positive Energy

It is kinda funny what we say internally and outwardly. Lorrie was watching "The Bachelor" last night and one of the "older" gals tells a guy she just met who has (however long he has) that she has "dream boards" and something about karma and the universe bringing things to you. OK, you might write the goals, do collages or something visual...but you might want to keep that under your had on a "first blind date". When Lorrie told me about that I was thinking "psycho".

Some advice this older married guy would tell her. Talk about how you have written goals and that you work toward them every day in some little way. Positive. Throw in some mystery force or voices in your head and your on the crazy train.

In the gym I thought the same thing this morning. Sitting in a hot, humid spinning class at 5:45 AM and we are doing a "hill" at about 300 watts and the guy in front of me is all over the bike. Bouncing in a spin class means he has virtually no tension on the wheel. I look over at his power meter...100 watts and about 100 cadence with poor form. My mind goes to the dark side and I think of saying something like, "Hey, add another 200 watts and slowing your cadence to 90 and try joining the workout." Then I re-focus on myself. My heart rate is now at 83%. Too high for today's max of 78% so I back down the resistance a touch and my heart snaps back in line. My re-focus has me trying to concentrate on just me - my fitness. What am I doing? Don't worry about the clown over there, concentrate on you.

The nice thing about the new gym I am at...I am relatively unknown. I'm just the crazy guy on the treadmill who just finished a 90 minute spin class. No training questions. No race (ego) questions like, "I remember when I did race name here in time here." Who cares...let's get fit.

I'm in the now with whoever will workout with me.

I'm much more interested in how much I'm sweating now than what happened in the past.

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