Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lemons into Lemonade

A saying we have here in Chicago is, "If we had weather like San Diego there would be 25 million people living here." My response is simply, "If the queen had nuts, she'd be the king." Our weather sucks eight months of the year. My family dates back to places like the Italian Alps, the Czech Republic and Poland. Not exactly on Rick Steves beach vacation TV shows and DVDs sold on PBS. There is, however, a Hotel Mitera in Prague for what its worth. In Italy, our family made a killing on the Turin Olympics apparently as well. So business people...yep, that's us. So let's suppose I'm supposed to live in these types of conditions. I'm pretty sure that my ancestors didn't spend their day arguing their points in conference rooms and pounding on plastic keys which turn into electronic bits of information.

This is why we started to XC ski (a lot) last weekend. We are going again this weekend. Lemons (our weather) into lemonade (outdoor fun). I'm hoping that this translates into better fitness and running somehow. I keep hearing that XC does. The trails have about 24" of powder on them so a lot of this was making tracks. A snow shoe-er was wrecking out ski trail and if I catch them I'm gonna give them a ski pole enema.

My wife's Norwegian heritage came out as you can see in her pure joy below. She was totally in her element and giving me a run for my money out there. You can take the girl out of Norway but you cannot take the Norway out of the girl. I do need to get Lorrie some cool Oakley sunglasses. Her Rx on these is functional but lacking in the cool department. She is fashionable but not "cool" in these. (Her words) Here is a shot of Lorrie next to the tributary of the Fox River we live near. Yes, we skied right out of our front door.

Winter may kick me in the nuts but I'm not going to just take it. Now that we have skis...50 F is only a few days away.
PS: Craft makes killer running pants that work great in XC conditions (wind, cold, snow). I was warm and dry.

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  1. I LOVE XC skiing - it WILL definiteley improve running. Once you get the technique down, its an awesome workout. Like the ski pole enema - snow shoe people are not cool, destroying tracks and stuff. They should snowshoe in the open snow or at least on skate ski trails. Lori looks great! Can't wait to see you guys in a few short months!