Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Functional Threshold Power test...done last week in a stair step method. I nailed it but probably took it out too easy as I wasn't dizzy or about to puke at the end of 30 minutes. My instructions were to take it out comfortably and add 10 watts every 10 minutes and finally finishing the last 5 minutes all out. I wasn't nearly sick this time as I mentioned. Still, there is something about sprinting for the last 5 minutes of a 30 minute test while others are red faced and vomiting while seeing your numbers hovering in the mid-440s and the sound of your computrainer load generator whining in protest; that means a lot to me.

The first power class was held in a snow storm. I was up at 3:45 AM to make the class which started at 5:30 AM. (I was on the bike at 5:15.) There is no hot water heater for the shower at the bike shop and I'm not going to leave class sweaty; so it looks like ice cold showers on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Look at the bright side, I won't have to ice anything down and I'll sing fabulously as a soprano.

I finish strong. Every race. Every time.

Note from my coach:
"This is what you need to get back in shape. I'm proud of you. Now lets keep it going. WE'RE BACK!!"

PS: You know you've been in the cold too long when you hear that it is going to be a high of 9 F and a -30 wind chill and you audibly say, "Well, at least it isn't going to be cold."

PPS: Same goes for snow. When you hear 7" of snow and blizzard conditions expected and you immediately think, "My team better not be late today. We're really busy."


  1. Good job, BOB!
    So, we can take showers at the Bike SHOP? Oh, that is good to know. WHY not hot water heater????

  2. Great job Bob! Uugh! NO hot water - THAT is the epitome of HTFU. Give me a LT test anyday! I have officially lost my cold weather mojo. Highs of upper 70s on the coast, low 80s inland... See you soon!

  3. They have a water heater but it is 2.5 gallons. I have the process down now. 1) Get naked. 2) Get shampoo in your hand. 3) Turn on HOT only and jump in. Warm water should run out in 60 seconds.

    Much better today! (...on the bike too!)