Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cycle for ALS - Donations Not Mirroring the Economy

To Donate:

Being involved in raising money for ALS / motor-neuron disease for four years now I've seen all kinds of interesting things. This year, most notably, is that people are donating in record numbers. (Much due to John Wolski's hero effort leaving all of the rest of us in the dust.) John works as hard on the Spin for ALS fundraiser as he does everything in his life and the success of this event echos his effort.

So I ask you...donate. Come on. I lose my job on Friday, February 13th and I donated. If I can donate with no pending prospect of can you.

If you are in the NW suburbs of may want to really consider showing up to the Palatine YMCA to meet some special guests. (I'm not saying another word. You have to show up to know who I'm talking about until after the event.) If you are somewhere a ride and make a donation with those riding 16.5 hours to end ALS in mind. Ride an hour or more for solidarity.

Join us in the fight against ALS, so others may live.

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