Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter 6" Chicago 0

Mother Nature hit us hard...not with really bad weather...but with impeccable timing. She let fly right before rush hour. I left my office at 4:15. I arrived home at 8:45. 28.7 miles. It was only as "speedy" as it was because I took a chance. After 3 hours in the car, what is risking another 2? So at 83 and 22...I head NORTH. Are you crazy? Nope...I know there are several roads which should have less traffic but may be snow covered. Heck...everything was snow covered. Chances were that there would be no traffic which was the main issue all night. I got on a certain road and traffic. Now for the super-bonus and no whammies - TWO snow plows (which I'm told is an old school word) the new term is snow fighting vehicles. I've never seen a plow stand up like in the movie Transformers and duke it out with snow. Now we have "snow fighters" too. A few folks ditched their cars at the train station and took to XC skis, walking and snow shoes - all significantly faster (if not warmer) than their cars.

On the new road, with my offensive tackle and guard in front of me, I hit speeds of 45 mph. Awesome...then we hit Route 12...Lexus SUV versus police cruiser. Wonder who got the ticket? After another hour in that mess...I was home in a near 2 miles and 35 minutes.
I then made dinner while Lorrie taped "The Biggest Loser" finale. I just like the motivation in this show.
Lastly, a beautiful (and short) run in the new powder looking at all the Christmas lights glowing off the snow. We do not stop training operations for poor weather. (Especially in Chicago because if we waited for good weather we'd train for about 2 weeks a year.)
Returning home, I ate and watched the finale and looked like the picture below once mother nature was done with me. Just like Rocky...I was back up and at it when the bell rang this morning. I got a "whole lotta more" left winter. I'm going XC skiing tonight.

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