Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Throw Down to Winter

Winter officially starts on December 21, 2008.
Never mind here in Chicago we have already had three weeks of wind chills in the negative numbers and (after today) we will have had 18" of snow when 9" is normal; Officially the coldest November and December since they started tracking this stuff the last 136 years. Lake Zurich is frozen solid already (even where the spring is) this doesn't normally freeze over until mid-February. I've done more sub zero runs in November and December than some winters all together.
So what do I do? Bitch and moan? (Well...yes, but that isn't my point.) I make lemonade when Mother Nature is a serious bitch and throws frozen lemons at us. (Ever get hit by a frozen lemon? It hurts like hell.) I'm gearing up and going outside.
Last year, Lorrie and I looked at getting snow shoes and cross country skis to take advantage of the great trails around here and when we did...the snow melted. Guess what I did on Sunday when it hit 49 F for the first time in six weeks? So today with more snow and cold closing in on us...I point to the sky and say, "I'm buying cross country skis AND the snow shoes winter! BRING ME YOUR WORST!"
I'm flipping winter the bird.
**Readers Note: If you live somewhere warm and you whine about "cold" when it is 35 F or warmer...slap yourself, suck it up and pull on your big boy or big girl pants. I'd go for a ride in shorts (and knee warmers) at 35 F.

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