Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Runner with a Triathlon Problem

Lake Placid 2003
Canada 2001 (qualified at the St. Croix 1/2 IM 2001 for IM Canada)

In order to get back to the fitness I had exhibited in these Jeff told me that this winter I am a runner with an "enjoyment" for the sport of triathlon.

37 miles last week (plus a small bit of cycling, swimming and lifting) and this week 13 miles of running with some swimming and 30 minutes of cycling thus far.

Most readers of this blog are in these categories:

1) What the hell does that mean?
2) Shouldn't you take time off?
3) Build baby build!

Category One People:
If you haven't raced you are in category one. What does this matter? Why is a runner with a triathlon fixation a good thing?

A) Running will pull weight off your body FASTER than just about any exercise I know of. Since being hurt, I've put on some weight and I'm trying to pull it back off and get back to my size 34 pants. I'm not buying new clothes...I'm getting my old body back. Hopefully, faster than my tailored work clothing goes out of style.

...and TWO (that was for you Lorrie) (AKA: B) My running has been just miserable because of the injury and lack of running time. In order to get have to train.

Category Two People:
The second group is category two. You are triathletes or athletes of some type - most of you who had a "normal" season are like, 'Dude, step away from the sport.' I have been away from the sport. I've been away since October of 2007 with injury. I'm fine mentally. I will not burn out. I have not been this fired up about racing in close to 10 years.

Even with this long gap in training and serious competition, I took three FULL WEEKS of NOTHING athletic this fall after being a race marshal in Kona.

Category Three People:
You are the folks like me who either haven't had the grand success you'd like. You may have had a season that ended in August or September. Lastly, you may recognize that if you are going to be "competitive" in 2009 you better start to work.

I know what I am trying to accomplish. I know my body. Aging up to 40 next year, I know I cannot turn around and drop 20 lbs. like I used to. Additionally, the 40-44, 45-49, 50-54 and 55-59 age groups are changing as we all age. When I was 28 and first started really racing again we used to laugh and say, "I guess I'll be really competitive when I'm 45." Too bad just about everyone is saying that too.

So as the next snow storm approaches, I have my running gear in the car and rain, sleet, snow and ice nor dark of night will not stop tonight's "easy" three mile run before class.

I am a runner with a triathlon problem. Where is my salad?
PS: Reading a lot about nutrition lately - 3 liters of water a day is "recommended". I've found I can pound 2 liters fairly easily in a typical work day. A third...only if I'm working out, but then I feel it shouldn't count because I am just re-hydrating. More on this as I learn...


  1. Keep up the great work Bob! Can't wait to see you in March/April - I'm racing Oceanside, so I probably won't be able to do anything too hard with you guys (depending on when you're out here), but I AM looking forward to some great swims! Yea!

    PS - I was a cat 3 person. :)

  2. Build baby build! I want to get back into my size 6 pants. Darnit. :)

  3. Wow! 11 hours. . .Thanks for the inspiration. . .we'll get there, eh?