Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One Gift from and to Triathletes

The one gift I ask for from other triathletes is inexpensive, easy and should make the season fun. It's a combo gift because those who give it usually get it too.

I only ask for and give one thing....honest racing. Racing earned on training, sweat, and nothing more

a) No drafting (regardless of where the marshals and fans are or if you "are on a hill")
b) No supplements that alter blood chemistry
c) No abuse of OTC (or prescribed ) drugs - like the Psudafed packets I found at a certain race T2 exit or the overuse of inhalers (which could be deadly) - conversations overhead at mile 19 at races.

Honest racing. That's all I ask for.

Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. I approved an an. comment/question about marshals and the number of them; it looks like it disappeared.

    QUES: The question (paraphrasing) was shouldn't they (race directors/management) increase marshals on the course? Isn't this a funding issue?

    ANS: Actually, all marshals (USAT, ITU and WTC) are volunteers. Once you make Cat. 3 and above you get a stipend which really only covers your gas and part of a cheap hotel room for your weekend. Cost is not the issue.

    Race management does need to pay a USAT fee to be certified and have certified marshals out there but it isn't much money. Again...not the issue.

    The biggest challenge (IMHO) are 1) too many contestents 2) looped courses - where too many contestents make it even worse 3) not enough people willing to take the test to be a marshal and fully understand the rules.

    Very good question.

  2. One more thing...the marshals ideally need to understand racing more than just reading about it. They are best if they have raced for some time. I'd also add that they need to be fair and use good judgement verus "by the book" all the time.

  3. It would be nice for USAT or WTC to start random drug testing of age-groupers. I know it's expensive, but if it helps keep everyone honest I'm willing to pay a little bit more on the race entry fee. Especially when I'm trying for a Kona spot clean...and I know there's others out there cheating.

  4. Bob, next time we see each other I wouldn't mind talking about the supplements you noted.

    Ben Lin

  5. Bob, next time we see each other I wouldn't mind talking about the supplements you noted.

    Ben Lin