Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am Coaching People Again

I am back as a coach.

My coaching idols are John Wooden (the greatest coach of all time) who demanded greatness every day. Even if his teams won but did not do their best he went right to teaching to do better next time. My other coaching idol is Lou Holtz. Lou expected the folks he coached to be all around people; more than just an athlete. A great citizen, student and human being.

Coach Wooden

I am back in a big way. Currently, I have eight people and I haven't even started marketing yet. I will "cap out" at 25. This is the number I can handle and dedicate the appropriate amount of time to each person as an individual. Think Jerry McGuire and his clients. Personal attention. A fraction of the cost. I charge 1/3rd of what other coaches "going rate" costs. Why? A) I have a full time job and don't need to charge $300/month B) While I am an experienced athlete, I am not a certified anything except in swimming and cycling C) I am harder to reach than other coaches. So my method is IM, text, email and phone at least once a week. No disrespect to any of my certified coaching friends; I am not them and you as a consumer should know the difference in the service you purchase.

Since leaving the "Triathlon Academy" and Troy Jacobson's group I have been coaching a small number of people through some races. Not nearly what I was coaching when in 2001, I had 24 people and two pro triathletes "in my stable."

I have decided that I must be true to myself. I am a people person. I need to be out there and helping folks achieve their dreams. By doing so, I get motivated and achieve my own dreams. I actually get energy from other people and their activities.

I am "un-certified" from USAT as a coach.

Not from a lack of trying or caring. You see...the person who approves the applicants for USAT coaching certification clinics...he and I are not the best of friends. Hate is a strong word but it certainly applies. He hates me. I am less than a fan of his. I won't waste my energy on hate. I have tried to talk to him and he refuses. Until someone else takes over for USAT or his power is removed...I will remain uncertified. I have been excluded from coaching certification for seven plus years now with no returned phone calls and no reasons.

My athletes have never complained.

What I do bring to the table...

29 years of swimming experience - if it happens in a pool, lake or ocean...I've done it.

Coached Northwestern University's cycling team to national prominence - several Cat 2s came out of that program before they hooked up with "the big time" coaches.

Coached several US Naval Academy athletes to PRs in their national collegiate championship.

12 years of triathlon experience - two trips to the World Championships, five time Ironman finisher; three sub-four marathons at some of the hardest Ironman races on the planet.

Wrote the triathlon federation charter for one nation to get into the ITU and have a chance to compete in Beijing.

Category 3 USAT Race Official

Category 1 WTC Race Official - Marshaled the pro men in Kona 2008. (I'm the fat looking guy next to Crowie. But, most skinny people would look fat next to them too. Trust me, you'll see me on NBC on Saturday.)

Care that your "training and race experience" matters. Travel (pre and post race). Being comfortable on race day (at least...more than the person next to you). Having fun - there's a concept. All while racing to the best of your ability.

Coaching Record

I have coached two pro triathletes.

I have coached one USAT Duathlon National Champion -Age Group (not one of the pro triathletes).

I have coached 10 people to the Boston Marathon and successful Boston races.

I have a 100% finishing record in Ironman races (of 48 people). 100% of the people who followed my plans have finished their Ironman races regardless of size, shape, experience, ability or financial situation (access to resources like carbon fiber bikes, etc.).

85% of the athletes I have coached all the way to Kona have PR'd in Kona. (IMHO - the hardest Ironman on the planet)

One of my athletes went from 420 lbs. to 118 lbs. and the Boston Marathon via a very tough qualifier. (I was an usher in her wedding.)


I believe in progressive fatigue, power and heart rate training used together.
I believe in training while tired and peaking for one race and kicking the door down at that race.

I believe anyone can be an elite athlete with coaching and listening. You have to do the work.


I charge $100/month. *Less for active US Military

Anything is possible. Even good coaching at a reasonable cost.

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