Monday, December 8, 2008

Duty - The Sunday Run and Beyond

For those of you in warm climates and those who refuse to run outside when it is -5 F (-15 wind chill) is what you look like after running for 1:15 in Barrington and Barrington Hills afterwards. This hat only comes out to play when it is really cold. Photo credit to my weekly running partner and friend John Wolski. The frozen particles on me are my breath that has frozen on my collar, hat, eyelashes and eyebrows. My eyes at one point froze together momentarily and then became unstuck when I forced them open. It sounded like someone smacking their lips. In spite of the cold, I was actually quite fine. I have four layers on top and three on the bottom. Not cold at all. There is truth in the old saying that, "There is no bad weather just poor clothing choices and weak minds." Our run had a really fun time when some of the slower runners and the ultra runners (doing 21.6 miles in those hills) passed us and said, "You guys are f*#&ing idiots to run in this weather!" Ah...what a good time! Steve always makes me laugh.

Being a triathlete on the come back from an injury is my duty to run. (It is also my duty to be on time. Sunday was the first time since John and I started running again that I was slightly late. Sorry bud!)
It is the duty of a triathlete to train the best they can, because they can. Many would give anything just to walk (or feel alive) in training we feel alive and a kinship with the weather, Earth and God. Maybe that is taking it too far for some people but run in -5 F and feel good and see if you don't recognize God's hands. Same goes for Kona...race there and not be spiritual...I dare you to try.

It is the duty of triathletes to help in charitable causes. At least once a year. You need to give something back to those who cannot do for themselves. ALS Cycle a thon, Special Olympics, race for a cure of (fill in the blank).
It is the duty of triathletes to teach those who come behind them. It's one thing to be a coach, but what else have you "given" away? Many of my athletes who I train for a fraction of "normal coaching fees" tell me that their coaches who they had before me at $450/month didn't pay that much attention to them. These same "coaches" didn't prepare them mentally for races and my favorite - to have a good race experience. In my opinion, those coaches are just after the green in your wallet. That is why I dropped a very big name coach who I used to work for. No attention to me as an athlete as "more lucrative" clients came along. Shame. If you've been to Kona, you need to help those who follow in your footsteps on how to prepare. Unless you are their shouldn't charge them. If you are their coach, you should prepare them for the week; the experience.
If you are the President and come from a family involved in the oil business, it is your duty to ensure that your country doesn't get screwed by the industry you get billions from. Just as I say the Bill and Hillary should be investigated for wrong should Bush and Chaney. I guess I'm saying it is the duty to ensure that the nation you are sworn to protect doesn't get raped by your own family and business interests.
To the Chrysler CEO trying to get US tax dollars to keep Chrysler going...Chrysler was sold to Daimler (sp?) Benz of Germany some years back. This is not an "American company" any longer, it is a German company. If they want to bail out Chrysler...go ahead. Please do it with Euros and not my US tax dollars.
There are a few "Facebook friends" who I have not added because of what they have done in either their personal or business lives. I know them. I like them. I no longer associate with them because of what they have done (unethical business dealings, adultery, tax evasion, etc.) You judge people based on the company they keep and what they do in life. I don't hang with criminals or unethical people.
Duty, honor, ethics - it shouldn't be just a punchline.


  1. A correction regarding Chrysler. In 2007 Daimler sold 80% of Chrysler to Cerberus Capital Management, an "American" private equity firm. Sure, some companies are registered in the US and others elsewhere, but they are by definition owned by capitalists. To confound nationality with class is a mistake in today's global economy. Is it wrong for the US government to help American workers if they are employed by a company registered in another country?

  2. Read "Where have all the leaders gone" from Lee Iaccoca and you'll understand that NOTHING about Chrysler is American except the old name and some of the workers. In short, they bought the name and brand identity.

    We should let Chrysler fail or be bailed out by German or European Union monies. That's where the profits go.

    The American workers will survive. We always do.