Wednesday, December 10, 2008


While yesterday was one of the most disgusting days in Illinois history, we also had a snow storm that most days around here wouldn't make you blink. We got 5" of snow which was preceded by heavy freezing rain. Ordinarily, this is business as usual. Call me when we get to 8" of snow and then we start to plan for "bad weather".

Normally, overnight the state Dept. of Transportation plows away and we wake up to just wet roads. Today, we had about 1 to 2" of ice on all the major east/west roads. It took me 3:30 minutes to go 28 miles. A trip that can be 35 minutes on dry roads. Here is the best part.

The State of IL DOT announced that it would only plow from 8 AM to 5 PM because of budget concerns. This the day after the Gov. gets arrested for racketeering in epic proportions. BTW - what is missing in all this; who are the candidates for US Senate from IL who were "paying to play" and shouldn't they be indicted too? (Very interesting interview from Jesse Jackson, Jr. - sounded like he was testifying instead of being interviewed.)

At least I got a chance to talk to Tony K. and hear that it was "cold" in San Diego last night...65 F. This while I cleaned off my car and scraped the windows. He shivered when I told him I ran a route we used to run at -5 F on Sunday.

One thing is certain. I will not live here longer than I need to.

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