Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Old School Just EffingTrain

I'm pulling myself together gradually. Getting hurt is terrible mentally and physically. I'm basically a rookie triathlete again going into the 2009 season. That is how I am treating it.

I was watching Biggest Loser last night on NBC. One of the things I noticed about the was just getting moving. No split times. No power meters. Moving. The other thing I noticed was the attitude of the obese people on the show; really poor attitude. The eliminated guy on the show last night was so wrapped up in one guy not coming back on the reality show that he didn't workout hard enough and lose enough weight. The other guy didn't care...he is just there to lose weight. Message to the "blue team" worry about yourselves. I am now rooting for the gal who had the courage to stand up and benefit herself. I think back to my best years in triathlon and I had a great attitude. I worried only about my own training. Not so much since 2005. Hmmm...effected by work? Moving forward my focus will be on my athletes, helping friends where asked and me.

So as I move into base training for 2009 I am doing my own thing. What I did to get me where I was in the not so recent past. Work ethic and good attitude and being self aware enough to call myself out for poor examples of either.

Old school...get moving.

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