Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's a Triathlon Stupid

I was looking at some of my friends results from Ironman Florida last night. Friends had fast races but didn't qualify (except for blog friend Bree). Several friends had races that looked something like this:

Swim: 1:05
Bike: 4:55
Run: 3:52

Solid race on paper right? Wrong.

This person needs to first improve their running off the bike and their general endurance. He is a great athlete with Kona potential but I have to tell you that when I see this I get really pissed. As a racer, I actually am glad to see guys like him "fly and die"; it gives me someone to shoot for on the run. We see this repeatedly at triathlons as coaches and athletes don't prepare for a full race. I think since the explosion of coaching that athletes are far better prepared in general however, things like rules and having a three pronged race strategy is another story.

My questions:

a) What if he backed the bike down to a 5:05? What does his run look like? (He is a 3:10 stand alone marathoner.)

b) What if he swam a 58? Gets him riding with more guys his speed instead of passing slower athletes. His poor swim fitness comes back to haunt him on the marathon. A little more effort in the pool would get him to Kona.

c) How come he "falls apart" on the marathon? He should be running 3:30 at worst in an Ironman. I think his effort on the bike is too strong for his overall fitness.

Until he is willing to listen to other ideas about his race strategy and expectations...he should invest in the Ironman lottery. Sounds harsh?

Yep, and Pele doesn't care.

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