Monday, November 24, 2008

Frozen Fun...for Now!

The trail had ice on it this morning as did my eyelashes from breath instantly freezing on them as I ran. I am running covered in neon green and orange so I don't get shot. We wake up to shotgun and small arms fire daily now that hunting season is in full bloom. There are wild turkey by the river that go about 50 lbs.! Beautiful and tasty! The river by us has semi-frozen some of the larger lakes around here. Lake Zurich is 25% frozen over already as is Heather Lake. These are big bodies of water and for them to start freezing over already you know it has been cold. Consistently 19 to 23 F at night and about 34 to 40 F during the day. As this is Chicago...winter doesn't bring much sunlight so cold, gray and gloomy. I saw a good sized deer and several swan and goose standing on the lake here this morning. They are making snow (and it is sticking around) at the ski resorts north of us so perhaps some cross country skiing and or snow shoeing soon.

I don't mind cold weather...from November through maybe the first week of February...then I'm done with it. My mind is on warm places and I am literally living week to week to make it past the last 12 to 14 weeks of winter/spring.
So give me the white Christmas, New Year's and all the way up to Super Bowl. Then get that crap outta here! In the mean time, I'm looking for access to the river where I can fish for muskie and I don't need to stand on thin ice.

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