Friday, November 14, 2008

First Announcement: ALS SPIN A THON - Saturday AFTER the Super Bowl

This is our third year running this event. John (as usual) has done most of the heavy lifting.

I'm calling out you triathletes in the Blogosphere. Plan to be involved NOW! Thus far the folks who have backed up their rhetoric with action:

(Another question is...are you more busy than these folks? I doubt it!)

2 x Ironman Hawaii Champion - Chrissie Wellington
Chris Leito
Leanda Cave
Matt Reed
The Veloist Website
Village CycleSport

My question to you...

Will you get involved in riding?
Encourage others to ride?
Run an event?
Physically show up to an event?
Ride that day?

...or will you just lend some verbiage to a disease that has killed millions so horribly that it shreds families apart and say, "Someone should do something about that someday?"

That should be you.

Contact me on how you can help. Even if it is "only for a few hours"... let's knock this disease on it's ass! Be a leader! Help create a new phrase, "ALS survivor" or "ALS treatment" - there are none today for either phrase.

Hit these web sites:

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