Wednesday, November 26, 2008

102 Years of Knowledge

Lorrie's grandmother passed away this week; for those counting at home that is two relatives to die in four days. With big families and many older aunts and uncles these things happen. I'll miss them but I've been trying to remember those who pass away when they were alive and we were laughing and talking. My belief is that they will be in heaven with relatives who passed before them and God so I really try not to be sad.

I talked to my Aunt Mary Cottini-Nicolini- 102 years young. She is the oldest and last of my grandfather's brothers and sisters. She is deeply religious as was her late husband (Uncle Gino) who passed away at 105 (nearly 106) a few years back. I figure some wisdom of 102 years is always good. There is hope I can make it there yet.

"Hi Aunt Mary. I was thinking of you and wanted to call and say "Happy Thanksgiving". (Then I went wrong) How are you Aunt Mary?"

(Half in Italian/half English) "Oh, this hurts and that hurts and its cold out and I get tired going to the store. (No too and I am 63 years younger than you.) It takes me two days to clean the house now. " (Clean enough to eat off of the floor or any other surface for that matter. I decide not to tell her how long it has taken Lorrie and I to get the first floor painted...still going on and certainly not clean. Aunt Mary would NOT be happy.)

"Are you resting?"

"No, I've decided I'll clean the kitchen again because I don't like how it turned out when I cleaned it this morning, but I can't do that until after mass this afternoon." (She walks to 6:00 AM mass EVERYDAY regardless of weather and some days goes twice.)

"Good for you Aunt Mary. I hope it comes out as you like the kitchen to be when you finish. Please say a prayer for me at mass. I need all the help I can get."

"Are you running a lot right now?"

"I'm back training a lot more than I have been because I'm healthy again. My foot (easier to explain than a soleus) is much better." (I've had my aches and pains this week for sure.)

"You stay strong Bobby. I've got to run to Church. Domani solo Dio sa." (Roughly translated - tomorrow only God knows. This from a 102 year old. 103 in January.)

The moral of the story:
No matter how young or old you are you will be tired or sore and it takes time to do things right. Just keep moving today and believe in yourself and God. You'll make it. Drawing inspiration from a 102 year old, 5' 0" lady.

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