Monday, November 10, 2008

1 Mile

No, this isn't some rap movie from the greater Barrington area. It described my run Sunday.

One mile. (not including another .6 miles of warm up and cool down) No watch. No heart rate monitor. No pain. I felt elated at the finish. Ridiculous? Sure. I felt the excitement of finishing a race at the end of this slow jog through the neighborhood.

It has been a long time coming. I have a 5K in Schaumburg on a golf course in December. First race since May. I am actually concerned about the distance and if I can actually run this whole thing strongly. This is more of a "where am I" race versus anything. I may even wear a bit of a costume for giggles to the warm up.

Is this what it feels like to run with no pain? I had forgotten. Too many races in 2006 and 2007 (and inappropriate training stress and recovery) got me here. A 2008 with only one "race" - 2/3rds of one and 6 miles of running and 7.1 of walking anyway. I actually like running...a lot. I am working with a new coach - Jeff Cuddeback to try to regain where I belong. Jeff is an exercise physiologist and a 50 year old guy with a long track record of coaching "aging" men. For anyone in their upper know what I'm talking about. I am a different athlete now. I need to train differently. Gone are the huge volumes and here are different stresses.

One mile...let's do it again today and maybe add another .25.

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