Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What a Way to Go!

If you're gonna be tired...get tired. Shredded. Beyond a basic bonk.

I arrived home last night after 48 hours of travel and 3 hours of sleep from Kona. Boo hoo right? I'd do it again tomorrow! (Not kidding.) It was totally worth it. A HUGE thanks to everyone at United Airlines in Honolulu, Los Angeles and Denver; without some luck and really friendly people at United Airlines I would still be in Los Angeles.

This week I will be posting pictures and stories from Kona.

First...for all age group racers/amateur triathletes - I've heard many say, "You can't be competitive and not draft."


I saw it happen on the Queen K in what had to be one of the best exhibitions of triathlon racing I've ever seen. The Ironman Champion Craig Alexander raced clean the entire way - not even close to drafting. I'll name names - all clean - Bryan Rhodes, Normann Stadler, Craig Alexander, Cam Brown and Macca. I should know...I was riding with them all day. They were clean when the media trucks were there. When a certain Ironman legend was in a Ford Mustang and was riding next to them. No matter what, they were clean. I have an enormous amount of respect for what I saw. These guys are truly professionals.

I got to see Tim and Nikki Hola. First saw Tim running on the Queen K. Since I was wearing an officials jersey I could not cheer. So I took off my sun glasses (I have a pretty good raccoon tan by the way) and looked at him. He recognized me and smiled. I waved to the entire group who was running without saying a word and we went to follow some more cyclists in from the airport.

I will write more later...just wanted to give you a taste.

To come....Macca's retirement from the race, DQs, media cars, Ironman legends, food, coffee, people...oh my!

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