Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Pictures from Kona

Your author prior to bike inspections.

I always look for 1016 - the number I had in the 2000 Ironman. Next to it was the "fish helmet".

TJ Tolkason's faring. I believe this is not legal and would not have allowed him to race with it. It is 14" wide on the top (rule states no wider than 10") but the rule reads clugi; because of this they allowed it when he took off the bottom. Read the rules folks.

This is a front vison of it. It should have been submitted for approval prior to the race. It was not. I believe it is illegal any way you measure it.

Building the finish line up. I don't like that ramp.

A badger paint job on this chick's bike.


  1. I'm so proud of my coach! Out there DQing and warning and measuring and citing. I wonder if he'll lighten up on his athletes. . .Hmmmm?

  2. Hell no... Tell you what, if you win your age group in Kona I'll give you the week off.