Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October is Here

October is here. I know this not by the calendar, but by the clouds that build up over "warm" Lake Michigan.

Last night...40 F and at 9AM...still 42 F - even with the sun out.

Sports-wise...Chicago is the hub. The White Sox claimed their playoff spot last night in what was a tremendous game. (I turned it on when Jim Thome hit the home run.) It ended with a fabulous diving catch from Andersson - who...I talked to in Tucson, AZ about fundamental baseball. If that wasn't enough...the Cubs have the entire city upside down - well, at least half of it anyway - starting a playoff run where it really feels like this is the year. I think everyone who is a Cubs fan really believes THIS is the year. You can feel it. It is that intangible belief that the guys in blue have it. The problem...most other cities feel the same. So buckle up for this emotional roller coaster!

I just started really swimming a lot more. I'm going to a YMCA in Northbrook which has a 6 lane pool but only sections off three lanes: slow, medium and fast. The people are pretty nice. Lots of older folks and nobody fast ( least at 6:30 am). What I like, because they only have three lane lines - it is like 25 yards of open water. Old school. Like water polo swimming and lots of big waves - makes you stronger.

Lastly, I got the official email last night...I'm going to Kona! Not as an a race official. I'm sharing a room with Jay (my friend and fellow ref here in Chicago) and two guys from Australia. Should be an interesting weekend!

Stay warm!

Go Cubs! Go White Sox!


  1. C'mon you know da rule - ya can't root for botha 'dem. (BTW, this IS the year!!!! Hooohooo!!)


  2. Wasn't it in Back to the Future II when the Cubs won the world series? 2015 I think the year was... scary - we're close (on both accounts).

    Yea for Kona - that's awesome!!!